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Monthly Archives: October 2010

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10 Outreach Ideas on a Shoestring: Rake and Bake

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 3 years ago

Outreach on a ShoeString

[Part 8 in the 10-part series, "10 Outreach Ideas on a Shoestring."] In Enola, PA, River of God Church is known as “the church that rakes the leaves.” During the fall, the church reaches out to local residents by sending teams of people…


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Living with Regret

Posted by Krista Veteto 3 years ago

To Save A Life logo

The title to this blog, “living with regret” probably won’t appeal to most people.  Who wants to read about someone living with regret? Well, you may not want to read about it, but I hope you will because those of…


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Matthew Carter died this month. Whom, you may ask, is he?

Posted by Tim Downs 3 years ago

Matthew Carter

Though you may not know his name I promise you, you know his work. Matthew Carter, commissioned by the Microsoft corporation in the early 1990s, designed the the most commonly used font on the the web, Verdana. The Humanist Sans-Serif…


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Some New Faith-Based Films You Probably Haven’t Heard Of… (Yet)

Posted by Krista Veteto 3 years ago

New Movies thumb

You may already be familiar with Provident Films. They distributed Fireproof, Facing the Giants, and many of the other movies that Outreach carries.  They are a premier distributor of faith-based films… movies that make an impact.  They now have several new…


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Halloween—Don’t Let it Scare You…

Posted by Carri Gambill 3 years ago

Halloween Outreach Pumpkin

This year, October 31 is a Sunday, so instead of fearing the holiday, use the popularity and buzz as an opportunity to shine God’s light into the holiday’s darkness! As stated in Romans 12:21, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

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