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10 Proven Fund-Raising Strategies for Your New Church Plant

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 3 years ago 0

Church Plant 1.    Get it in the budget!

A budget does not guarantee the availability of funds but it does set priorities and assist in the fund –raising process. If outreach is a priority, reflect it by allocating resources to empower it. Fifteen to twenty percent of a budget for marketing and advertising is recommended for a new a new church launch.

2.   Delay buying the fancy sound system.

Limited resources are a fact of any organization’s development. Invest in outreach first. A church without a sound system is far better than a sound system without a church. Operating funds will come when people join your church. Use start up resources to reach out and bring people in.

 3.  Communicate the benefits of the Investment

Resources invested to grow your church will do two things: They will bring people in contact with the witness of your church so that they can meet Christ. And they will bring people with more resources. Invest with and eye on building a broader resource base.

4.  Identify a Team of “Outreach Angels.”

People like to give to something that has an impact. The opportunity to support your church is a gift you give to others. Identify a team of six to ten “Outreach Angels” who 1) believe in you  2) have been blessed by God with significant resources, and  3) will make a time and financial commitment to your vision. Get their input on a regular basis.  Be bold in asking for their support. Show them the catalog and/or samples of what their support will buy. (And let your “Outreach Angels” meet each other, as well. )

5. Write and submit a grant proposal.

Whether it be to an individual, a denomination, or a foundation, the grant proposal writing process is a valuable exercise. Identify why this church is needed and is going to make a difference in the world, be bold and disciplined in your style and proposed numbers.

6. Go Wide

It’s great to have a team of angels that can contribute thousands of dollars each to launch a new church. But a wider team of faithful supporters is also key to going forward. Ideally, these people will actually be part of your new church. Fifty people giving $100 a month equals $60,000 a year toward your budget needs.

7.  Let one wave feed the next. Get started!

When planting a church, it is important to have seed money to get started, but not to have the entire budgeted amount in the bank. Once you have your start up fund in place, get started and integrate your church growth strategy with a financial plan that takes into account growing income from a growing membership.

8.  Equip the core group for free.

One way to get the ball rolling in your new church plant is to provide excellent tools to equip them to invite their friends and acquaintances to the church. Outreach, Inc. is dedicated to supporting church planters and offers a free Church Launch Gift Pak with a variety of free tools including up to 600 free invitations. Request this at www.churchplants.com or call 800-991-6011.

9. Conserve your energy by taking advantage of existing opportunities.

Included in the Church Launch Gift Pak is a coupon for a discounted new church logo, plus, receive a 10% discount off your first order of Outreach tools. Save the time involved in  design, printing, list acquisition, addressing, sorting, stamping, etc. and let Outreach take care of the whole process while you build relationships and manage other demands in  your church launch.

10. Be Specific with requests.

 Don’t simply ask for $20,000 for outreach. Cast a specific vision for what the investment can help buy.

  • “Your gift will invite 10,000 people to our church.”
  • “$75 will allow us to follow up on 200 visitors.”
  • “$350 will buy a banner to invite 2,000 drive-bys.”
  • “This gift will buy visitor gift mugs.”

People give to what they know they’re giving to, or as Rick Warren says, “People give to vision, not to need.” 

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